Champions Podcast Episode 14 - Blake Koch, former Nascar Driver

 In this episode Blake talks about: how he believed in God as a Kid, but wasn’t discipled and didn’t attend church regularly When Blake was 16 his dad had a great testimony and he started sharing it with Blake and that was huge for him. “Who knows where I’d be now if it wasn’t for my dad.” Dad was a big Hollywood producer. He had everything you could want. Big houses, cars, money. But he was just lost and wasn’t happy. Then he changed. God got a hold of his heart and removed everything from his life. He went broke, lost his house, lost his cars, and surrendered and went on to a life of following Jesus. God needed to strip everything away from him to get his attention. Parents were divorced when he was 2. Lived mainly with mom. She was a single mother working 9-5 and barely getting by.  On weekends when he’d be at dad’s he would get anything he wanted, but at mom’s, she was happy to provide food. Even though his dad lost everything he knew God would provide and that has really w

Champions Podcast - Episode 13 - Don Beebe - Buffalo Bills

Grew up in a home where faith was the number one thing Most important role we will have (as parents) in our kids life is to lead them to Christ. Being a parent is part of parenting your kids Talks about how his dad was bound and determined when he got saved to raise his kids in a Christian home.  When Don was five his dad took all five kids on a fishing trip and this will be the 50th year of the trip. No one has ever missed. It grew from original 7 to 53 and no one has ever missed. Every person that is of age and understands salvation is saved. The most important thing we can give our children is a legacy in Christ and plant the seeds early. Talks about being the Bills first pick in the 1989 NFL Draft Talks about getting boldness

Champions Podcast - Episode 12 - MLB Umpire Ted Barrett

Talks about putting his faith in the Lord at 8 years old Chaplain at Cal State Heyward where  Ted  played football began to invest in  Ted  weekly and would give him scripture to memorize and it was at that point that a fire was lit in him Talks about a when his faith came to a crossroads while umping in the minors Talks about struggles of trying to fit in with the big league umpires and not wanting to be rejected because of his faith Shared how at he had testimony cards made up and handed them out at the umpire union meetings and he came home and told his wife that he thought he committed career suicide because no one wants to hang out with the Jesus guy. A month later the crew chief came into town and told him that he was the most requested guy to be on peoples umpire crews Talks about an umpire retreat he started several years ago where 12 major and minor league umpires attended the first year and now around 60 attend each year. “You think you can’t do it, you’re right but th

Champions Podcast - Episode 11 - Jacquise Terry - Former Kent State Football Player/Owner of Empower Youniversity

Talks about the impact of his mom’s faith was a huge catalyst in his faith journey. Shares about the impact that his Uncle had on his life and how seeing him the hospital lead to Jacquise praying as a 12-year old his first true prayer. He shares about navigating his newfound faith with trying to fit in while in high school and college Talks about the struggle of seeing God as a Heavenly Father, without growing up with an earthly father Talks about the love and validation that he was searching for in God, he found in sports Speaks into how freedom can either be a gift or a curse Talks about his journey to professional football and learning the politics of the NFL Talks about how God is using Empower YOUniversity to reach at risk youth. Link to Empower YOUniversity -  https://empoweryouniversity. net/  younversity_ent on Instagram

Champions Podcast - Episode 10 - Paul Tesori- PGA Tour Caddie

In the 10th episode of the Champions Podcast, hosts Mike Rubin and Coach Phil are joined by PGA Tour caddie Paul Tesori. Paul currently caddies for Webb Simpson. Here are some notes from the episode. Please rate, review and share the podcast so that more people can hear the amazing ONLY God testimonies. Talks about growing up in the church but how he slowly walked away from faith as he entered college. He calls it the 3 G’s, girls, golf and good times! Working for Shawn O’Hara and he was doing well. He was considered one of the top caddies in the world, but was still feeling completely empty. He had money, homes, relationship with a girl he wanted but nothing filled the whole inside. Summer of 2010 he decided to do something about it. He was the reason for the broken relationship sand broken problems and he was baptized. That was his transformational moment Talks about how once he was saved he thought everything would get better, but it didn’t  Talks about how Webb Simpson won th

Champions Podcast - Episode 9 - LaMorris Crawford - Cincinnati Bengals Team Chaplain

In episode 9, Mike interviews LaMorris Crawford, the team chaplain for the Cincinnati Bengals. In this episode, LaMorris talks about: Growing up in the projects and his mother being murdered when he was 10 months old By 11 years old, he was in a gang The basketball court was his refuge from a life of turmoil "Christianity is not about behavior modification, but heart transformation" "Salvation is not an event but a person" "Our job is to believe that God will do His job" "There's so much pressure for winning, that coaches aren't being present." "Some plant, some water, but God gives the increase." "Our job is to put the hands of menin the hands of God" "The cross was not a tragedy, it was an accomplishment" This is an amazing episode that we trust God is going to do mighty things through. Please subscribe, like, leave a review and share. We want to make sure we get these incredible ONLY God te

Champions Podcast - Episode 8 - Mo Isom Former LSU Soccer Star (Part 2)

In episode 8, Mike and his guest co-host and wife Shannon share the second part of their interview with former LSU soccer star Mo Isom. Some of the notes from part 2: Mo shares about a year of depression and anxiety and how she was searching for, "Any sin sized piece to fill the God-sized hole in my heart." She shared how God literally used wrecking her to capture her heart. Psalm 46:10- "Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. "Jesus didn't die on the cross for my sins. He died on the cross BECAUSE of my sins" She shares about how one of the ways the enemy can distract us is by not allowing us to face any adversity so it causes us to not understand a need for God, Jesus or the still small voice. "At the core, I am a sinner in need of a savior" One question many of us ask is what does the faith walk cost me? It doesn't matter cause look at what I gained. One of the place