Champions Podcast - Episode 11 - Jacquise Terry - Former Kent State Football Player/Owner of Empower Youniversity

  • Talks about the impact of his mom’s faith was a huge catalyst in his faith journey.
  • Shares about the impact that his Uncle had on his life and how seeing him the hospital lead to Jacquise praying as a 12-year old his first true prayer.
  • He shares about navigating his newfound faith with trying to fit in while in high school and college
  • Talks about the struggle of seeing God as a Heavenly Father, without growing up with an earthly father
  • Talks about the love and validation that he was searching for in God, he found in sports
  • Speaks into how freedom can either be a gift or a curse
  • Talks about his journey to professional football and learning the politics of the NFL
  • Talks about how God is using Empower YOUniversity to reach at risk youth.
  • Link to Empower YOUniversity - younversity_ent on Instagram


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